Final Illumination of Fresh Eyes on Saturday, July 28th + Luis Flores (Video 5/8)

Luis Flores (Video 5/8) from on Vimeo.

Luis Flores by Tiffany Hsiung for, 5/8 video commissions by the TORONTO 2015 Arts and Culture Advisory. Click the link above or please visit:


>> Check out the final illumination of Fresh Eyes this Saturday, July 28th at City Hall, 9pm til 11pm. Also see the final Arrivals section in the Toronto Star Celebrations section on the same day. More details here: << 


Luis Flores came to Canada with his wife and two children in 2009. As a refugee from Mexico, the unfamiliarity of Canadian life made finding employment difficult and learning English challenging. Still, in the years since arriving, he has achieved both. “I feel very proud because in a short time I got the skills to understand people,” Luis says. Luis eased himself into society through volunteering. With over 400 volunteer hours, he received special recognition by former mayor David Miller. In 2011, he was accepted as a Convention refugee and applied for permanent residency. With a background in food procurement, Luis has received certification. He finds reminders of Mexico in Toronto’s bustling streets and vibrant markets, but Canada has become home, where one can lead a life of choice.