Khyati Nagar (video 4/8)

Khyati Nagar (video 4/8) from on Vimeo.

Khyati Nagar by Tiffany Hsuing for, 4/8 video commissions by the TORONTO 2015 Arts and Culture Advisory. To view, please click the link above or go to:

// Also! Please check out ‘Fresh Eyes’ at City Hall – this Thursday, July 26th after dusk…lights will be on and curtains closed for a final documentation session. //


Khyati Nagar arrived in Alberta as a master’s student in 2004, along with her son. As a single mother, moving from India to Canada was a courageous decision. For the first few years, there were many challenges, but with the support of her family, Khyati persevered. With a background in design, Khyati taught undergraduate courses and worked in the IT industry in India. But upon arrival, she experienced a humbling shift in employment and painted properties as her first summer job. Both challenging and rewarding, her experiences have strengthened her character. “I expected a better life for myself and my son, a very equal life as a women, and I wanted freedom of every sort,” Khyati says, “all those things have been fulfilled.” Khyati became a citizen in March 2012 and is a PhD student at York University.